I would like to thank and shout out to people that I have worked with and those that have encouraged and inspired me throughout my career. 

If you find yourself on my site and are not currently listed below, please let me know so I can be sure to add you. 

Thank you!

Joshua Schmidt, Bobbie Jo Cliff, James and Bekah Coffman, John Coffman, Deborah Cliff, Nancy and Dave, Naomi Joy, Jeremiah Cliff, Crystal Chin, Cobi Mike, The Perkins Family, PJ, Tonya Ward, Susan, Step Rockets, Brady and Julie Lillie, Anthony Schulz, Natalie and Johnny Synhavsky,  Rachel Marzahn, Kelsy Osterman, Megan Eckers, Amy and Stuart Photography, Alex Butterfield, Lex Lambent, Jordan Nentl, Angela Morris, Maria Kochetkova, Katrina Haugen Temby, Jen Hughes, Woody Theis, Kristen Kosieracki, Anthony Lickteig, Emily Dovey, Margo Moen, Robbie Jacobs, Alex and Roz Safdari, David and Charlie Wagner, Coco Wagner, Andrea Julson, , Kindiss Stiller, Anthony Sorenen, Heather Stark, Tanya Gajewska, Mikaela and Thom Abbott, Ashely Peifer, Janie Yin, Tiffany Ostlund, Annie Marie Peterson, Mallory Orth, Cara Poalillo, Katie Szczepaniak, Katie Dalager, Elle Abeler, Christy Holt, Russell Heeter Photograpghy, Amanda Arends, UrbanUndercover, Kisa Boutique, Glow Lounge, Mainstream Boutique, Melissa Skinner, Brittany Kinney, Abby DeBruine, Lindsey Hall, Anna Borg, Kathy Johnson, Shannon Twohy, Alyssa Irish, Grace Farley, Ashley Johnson, Charity, Elijah and Katie, Ali Daniels, Jesse and Jasmine Dvorak, Joseph McMahon, Allison Werthmann-Radnich, Carly Millbrath, Cristina Ziemer, Lina Barengolts, Christina Johnston, Alyssa Justice, Talia Haugdahl, Aly Gates, Anne Wright, Anya Shogren, Jasmine Marie, Ava Montelena, Emma Wondra, Giselle Ugarte, Taylor Brown, Jessica Manning, Emily Faithe, Carrie Valentine all of my friends and coworkers at Juut, and many, many more. You know who you are.